Chocolate Time #2


It’s winter. It’s cold. My palate is crying out for something rich. Currently enjoying Tesco’s Finest Fairtrade Organic 70% plain chocolate from the Dominican Republic. The interesting or strange thing about plain chocolate is that you can’t eat heaps of it. You really can’t. Small mouthfuls are all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and because plain chocolate has a higher ratio of cocoa to milk and sugar, you don’t do that addictive sugar thing where you just keep on going back for more.

What’s my verdict?

It looks good: a dark brown plummy colour, with a firm crunchy texture and a dry, concentrated flavour that hits the back of your tongue after a few chews. Good sugar balance, so you aren’t gasping for a glass of water.

Very enjoyable. Time for one more square.

Marketing blurb:

“This recipe is made using single origin trinatario beans with a fruity, spicy taste which develops into a rustic earthy flavour.”

Where the money goes:

The National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers (Conacado) is a democratically run co-operative organisation, helping small scale producers. Cocoa accounts for 90% of members’ cash income.

If you like to support local growers around the world, selecting Fairtrade products is a good choice.

Links to find out more/buy stuff:

© Suzy Rigg


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