Songs of My Soul

It’s done! My long-awaited anthology is printed and it just remains to get the digital version uploaded and you can grab yourself a copy!  Don’t worry if you’re not big into poetry, this is something a bit different – it’s written like a story, under the headings: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection – more or less in the order in which events took place. You can also dip in wherever you like and you’ll find you’re reading the poem that’s right for you on that day.

As the title hints at, it’s a highly personal collection that deals with the big emotional issues in human life: motherhood, relationships, love, (there’s lots of love it in) life, ageing, caring, and a bit of death – no need to shy away from old Mr. McDeath face eh? There is also, a lot of hope and joyfulness in the book – it’s a book about life, love and loss and the light that is in our lives, even in our darkest moments.  I’m pulling together the reviews to share with you next time.

Songs of my Soul - cover
Cover illustration Oil on Canvas ‘Daybreak’ by Suzy Rigg

I wrote the book during one of those periods in life when you’re in limbo – waiting for things to happen that are completely outside of your control. I wanted to have ‘something to show’ for this period of slowness  – so I gave birth to ‘Songs,’ a project I had on my computer since 2012 so in many ways, it was incubating until this exact moment for release.

Boxes in the hallway

The most important thing this book has helped me to realise is that it is never too late to achieve your goals and do the stuff you’ve wanted to do in life but have made up a million excuses why it hasn’t happened (too old, not enough money, not clever enough, not the right skills, kids still at school etc.,) of course money and time do help but the most important part of getting things done is wanting to get them done. Like when you’re really busy you do the thing you enjoy most first and then say: ‘oh what a shame!, I ran out of time to do ‘x’ or ‘y’! Wanting to do things is wanting them so much to the exclusion of everything else, so much that your teeth hurt with the wanting and your heart beats faster when you do something that brings you nearer to your desired outcome. It could be called ‘intuition’ or gut instinct or the stars being aligned but it is the wanting and believing it’s the right thing to be spending your time on that helps your idea to become a tangible thing. Sometimes you are sparked by something you read on a blog post somewhere….

Now that the book is written and published, I’m on the blindfold obstacle course of the book marketing campaign  where there is so many places to reach and things to write, sign, appear at. The process is not entirely alien to me as I have worked professionally in the communications business for many years, but working to sell yourself and your own work presents a whole new scary of self-awareness. And I LOVE it. If you’d like to order a copy of Songs of My Soul, I would be delighted to mail you one of the first 50 printed copies complete a personalised message for you. Sometimes you just need a certain book in your life, a selection of words to make sense of a personal situation, sometimes you just need to hold and feel the energy of yellow 🙂 

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