Fifty Shades of Red

What did you think of the cringe-inducing exchange between Dakota Johnson and her mother Melanie Griffiths at the Oscars? It’s a very common scenario – conversations between mother and daughter can include bickering, but this is generally not witnessed in such a public forum. This is an award’s ceremony, der! Typical mother daughter arguments usually occur in the privacy of your […]

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Time for change?

My in-box is flooded with recruiting emails for new jobs, new improved body, new hair, new lifestyle – “ALL ABOARD THE CHANGE TRAIN!”. Many of you will be helping your children to make the change from primary school to secondary school, or supporting your grown up child as they start a new job, after years of study.  Some of […]

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London’s Lego exhibition

We finally made it to London’s Lego exhibition; at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1. We were greeted warmly by staff and waited a short couple of minutes before the welcome video began, in which we met Lego artiste extraordinaire, Nathan Sawaya. In his opening address, he takes us on a journey through his […]

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Talk about Kim Kardashian’s bottom?

One the ‘face’ of it, it’s a celebration of the well-rounded, healthy and youthful female form. (Picture: Courtesy of Real Colored Girls Blog) And there is the exploitation of the female form. Yes! you’re good to look at and clever too, but we’d rather just look at your arse. You don’t need to look far to find a […]

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Conversation about Flowers

“Can women buy each other flowers?” “Cut flowers, aren’t they expensive?” “If a guy buys a woman flowers, he’s usually guilty of something!” “They’re a waste of money, you’re better off buying a plant.” People are usually a cut flowers type of person, or they aren’t.  Personally I love to see fresh flowers in a church or […]

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Conversation about Happiness

  There are great some quotes in here, which I why I’ve shared this presentation! And to add my own few words of insight on the matter…a poem: SMYLER I do believe that life is an ‘opt in’ sort of game The law of karma like a quadratic equation means you get back what put in Your […]

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