Sport Relief 2014

Whilst Davina, David and George were lapping up well-deserved applause on live television, let’s give the chaps and chapesses at schools across the country a round of applause too, as they have been playing their part in raising money. If you are a chocolate fan, take a look at his website: Whatever your views of […]

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Dib Dib Dib, Scouting for Talent

My son was chosen to be ‘Beaver of the Week’. Thankfully at seven, he is as yet blissfully unaware of the other  meaning for this cute, semi-aquatic rodent! He has been a Beaver since he was six, and it’s been a real source of fun, enjoyment and friendship for him, during what in many ways […]

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Enlightened Education

I was really excited to see that a Maharishi School is planning to open in SW London in 2013. Even though I missed the open days, I have registered an interest in a school that openly advocates regular meditation as a key component of the school curriculum. Wacky? Maybe, but the Ofsted and exam results […]

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Loving your job, loving your life!

****STOP PRESS*** PEOPLE DO NOT JUST WORK FOR MONEY! The video I have posted below is real inspiration if you feel that your job is like a two-way street: you give and your employer takes! As the world faces some serious economic imbalances, 2012 is knocking on the window and people have taken to protesting  – […]

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A Transition Dog

What on earth is a transition dog? A dog you buy before you get the one you *really* want?  The one you get after the one you really loved died? A sort of Tamagochi that you feed whilst you are waiting for your favorite TV programme to start? I don’t know. Seems rather a lot of pressure […]

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‘Age of the Dinosaur’ Natural History Museum

This post also features on here’s the linky: Dinosaurs and young children go together like peanut butter and jelly – and enduring duo. My son is no exception and having been to the Natural History Museum on three or four different occasions, I wondered whether the appeal of another dino-show would be enough to capture his imagination. […]

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Helping the bright primary child

It’s widely acknowledged that primary aged children – whose numeracy and literacy attainment is at the lower level of the spectrum, in terms of baselines scores –  will require additional support and attention in the class room. What is more controversial is that children at the higher end of the attainment scale, sometimes dubbed ‘gifted and […]

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