Yours Earthily

This poem is for everyone who cares for and appreciates the beauty of our planet, Earth. It features in my forthcoming anthology, Songs of My Soul, along with other poems about how we live and how we love: Enjoy! You Google it, hold it in your hands swim in it, fly over it, wonder at […]

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Charity Shop Chic

A long time ago, I did a fashion ident for Sky TV called ‘Charity Shop Chic’  (I will upload this as soon as) where I demonstrated how you could pull together glamourous Hollywood looks on a budget. It was a total blast going on location to my local shopping area with a film crew and […]

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When ‘value’ means sub-standard

I welcome the ‘canning’ of Tesco’s Value brand. Not just because of the uninspiring, verging on the ‘let’s not think too hard about this’ blue and white stripe brand identity, but because the brand encapsulated the unspoken truth that value really meant poorer quality. Of course the hard economic facts state that better quality ingredients […]

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The Secret to 2012

Do ancient African and American civilizations hold the key? This is the hypothesis put forward by Daniel Pinchbeck in his book ‘2012’, which I read in 2010, giving myself plenty of time to prepare for world annihilation. Of course those in the know,  ranging from spiritual gurus to academics and anthropologists like ‘Will Black’ (on […]

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Loving your job, loving your life!

****STOP PRESS*** PEOPLE DO NOT JUST WORK FOR MONEY! The video I have posted below is real inspiration if you feel that your job is like a two-way street: you give and your employer takes! As the world faces some serious economic imbalances, 2012 is knocking on the window and people have taken to protesting  – […]

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Riot torn: Peaced back together.

The news of the ‘riots’ in Tottenham, London is sadly not a surprise to me. I drove through the streets of Harlesden yesterday and witnessed a tense argument between two men, one wrapped his arm around the smaller man’s neck in an intimidating way and they faced-off nose to nose with lots of hand gestures, the way they […]

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NO thanQ Postscript: Since writing of this verse, I am pleased to say that Richmond Council has declined the planning application of a KFC in a busy high street that is already bursting with takeaway restaurants. To Messrs: Mr. K, Mr. F & Mr. C. I’m sorry to say (and I don’t mean to be rude), But […]

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Is your lipstick killing you?

Sometimes as a blogger, you stumble across some research information that not only changes your life but could save your life.  For years my mother used to comment on the amount of highly scented deodorant I used (or was it the queue of unsuitable men at the front door she was commenting on?) Anyway, it seems, that […]

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