Yours Earthily

This poem is for everyone who cares for and appreciates the beauty of our planet, Earth.

It features in my forthcoming anthology, Songs of My Soul, along with other poems about how we live and how we love: Enjoy!

SunGlow, Ibiza by Suzy Rigg

You Google it, hold it in your hands

swim in it, fly over it, wonder at it, live on it

play with it, nurture it, rock and rock in it, whatever you choose to do

remember this, you don’t own it, you only loan it, whatever

you decide to be, remember it’s been given to you on trust

any damage or violation will turn your earth to dust,

you think I am your play thing but really it’s me who

plays with you, I still love

you unconditionally, it’s

my eternal


Have a lovely day taking care of your planet!

© Suzy Rigg

Songs of My Soul, my new anthology coming soon!


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