Songs of My Soul

It’s done! My long-awaited anthology is printed and it just remains to get the digital version uploaded and you can grab yourself a copy!  Don’t worry if you’re not big into poetry, this is something a bit different – it’s written like a story, under the headings: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection – more or […]

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, daughters of mothers, friends of mothers, mothers of mothers…it’s a day to celebrate your achievements and tenacity. For all of your patience, solitude and endless love. I’ve written a small poem in honour of all of you. Please feel free to share 🙂 A mother is like a painter or […]

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Time for change?

My in-box is flooded with recruiting emails for new jobs, new improved body, new hair, new lifestyle – “ALL ABOARD THE CHANGE TRAIN!”. Many of you will be helping your children to make the change from primary school to secondary school, or supporting your grown up child as they start a new job, after years of study.  Some of […]

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Winter sunshine greetings

Photograph “Behind each window or door” used with kind permission of Jake Rigg It’s that Christmas end of season, late winter time of year when we get together, eat a lot and if we are lucky, we enjoy the good and bad times of being in the company of those we love! I would like […]

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What is crabbing?

Do you know what crabbing is? The boy in the photo is a Cancerian; a ‘water’ sign, if you follow astrology, the sign of the crab. And this boy crab, was buy the sea catching real crabs in a net! We spent the day near water, with a water boy. If you haven’t been crabbing before and you […]

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Conversation about activism

Behind the shy smile and the calm demeanour is a razor sharp mind trained with the determination to help others. I’ve recently come across the name of Fahma Mohamed through reading a newspaper article about her incredible campaigning achievements, garnering support to raise awareness of the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation). The article in […]

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Conversation about Flowers

“Can women buy each other flowers?” “Cut flowers, aren’t they expensive?” “If a guy buys a woman flowers, he’s usually guilty of something!” “They’re a waste of money, you’re better off buying a plant.” People are usually a cut flowers type of person, or they aren’t.  Personally I love to see fresh flowers in a church or […]

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Conversation about Happiness

  There are great some quotes in here, which I why I’ve shared this presentation! And to add my own few words of insight on the matter…a poem: SMYLER I do believe that life is an ‘opt in’ sort of game The law of karma like a quadratic equation means you get back what put in Your […]

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