Songs of My Soul

It’s done! My long-awaited anthology is printed and it just remains to get the digital version uploaded and you can grab yourself a copy!  Don’t worry if you’re not big into poetry, this is something a bit different – it’s written like a story, under the headings: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection – more or […]

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Goals, dreams & creating change

I made this video a couple of years ago, a lot has changed in my life since I recorded myself (and I don’t just mean my hair style!). One of the main challenges about making personal goals to create change in your life is to stick to them. Life coaches and psychologists seem to confer that […]

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A new (ad) venture! EverywordCopywriting

  It’s here, it’s here!! EverywordCopywriting is alive and ready to sprinkle moon dust into darkest crevices of your marketing campaigns. After deep analysis of my personal brand and USP, re-reads and re-writes, we pressed the ‘go live’ button. Please welcome my new addition – feel free to peruse this sunny orange/ grey ‘word cloud’ I’ve spent the past few months […]

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Milknosugarcommunications Ltd

  Yes, this really is me – filmed about five years ago, by bestbitsmedia when I set up my first freelance business, milknosugarcommunications ltd. Actually they were setting up their business at the same time. It was a great to have a professional exterior for my business which was comprised of me, my contacts, some highly […]

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I’m Politically active, are you?

Well, I really ought to be, having a degree in politics and all, but theory is very different from real life as we all know. Until something comes along that you really can’t ignore and the only way to change things is to get involved. (Moaning and whinging don’t count as they don’t change anything, apart […]

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PResenting…Suzy Rigg

Welcome or welcome back! I would like to go back to basics with some quick fire facts about who I am and what makes me tick… tick,  BOOM! I’m a Communications Expert – more than 13 years’ experience (I know, I look so *young* laughing). I worked as an account manager in pharmaceutical advertising before making the shift to […]

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What type of PR are you?

I haven’t written a work-related post for a while; it’s been fun getting feedback and follows in response to my relaxed and more random posts, but it’s only fair that I throw a few work nuggets in, as I have a fair bit of knowledge to pass on and I don’t have my own TV […]

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About Conversation Between Friends

Welcome to “Conversation Between Friends”  and Suzy and I’ve set up this blog for two reasons: 1. Creative a safe space to discuss issues that are important to me and hopefully stimulate debate whilst doing so 2. Showcase to employers, potential colleagues, companies and fellow creatives my unique personal brand I’m a communications copywriter,  PR and marketing professional […]

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