Songs of My Soul

It’s done! My long-awaited anthology is printed and it just remains to get the digital version uploaded and you can grab yourself a copy!  Don’t worry if you’re not big into poetry, this is something a bit different – it’s written like a story, under the headings: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection – more or […]

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, daughters of mothers, friends of mothers, mothers of mothers…it’s a day to celebrate your achievements and tenacity. For all of your patience, solitude and endless love. I’ve written a small poem in honour of all of you. Please feel free to share 🙂 A mother is like a painter or […]

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For Maya

photo courtesy positiveimageproject   Maya We felt your light, your strength, your hope as dark-skinned girls with large white teeth and short black hair you made us shine like ocean pearls yes, we were proud to be *black* girls you made us laugh, you made us cry your poetry made us feel alive you sang your […]

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Poetry at the heart of it

My family is outspoken, passionate and hard working. Elegant one-liners, witty reposts, sharp put downs are the order du jour. Pens do have significant might over swords and emotions can be hurtled long distances with words! Some of our softer edges, are communicated through the medium of poetry. This is a form of communication I […]

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i In stadium est laudum – the goal is to praise To be lifted up above competitors’ heads On the roar and swell of human approval as The endurance of my personal pain is a torch half-lit Without the fire of admiration, to strike it into full flame. There is no merit in weightless feet […]

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Big Hosen

Smashing the Plentiverse of ideas Shaking thought into truth Carefully unfolding doubt Of humanity Leaving black planets Alone to ponder Their own magnificence And splender Brave but misunderstood A great undoing of the doing Shadows cast by ego, Self-aggrandisement Truth is victory Rang the Universe Particles of soup erupting from The pit of nothingness Revealing […]

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100 years’ young Wilfred Walker

Dedicated to Wilfred N Walker  One Hundred Years One hundred years of laughter One hundred years of gain One hundred years’ of friendships found, and lost and found again   A life lived by example, adventure at the heart of it With standards high and mind so sharp, was the crossword your secret? Proud and regal, […]

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The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Unwittingly, I had two copies of this book. I was nearly at the end of the second one, when I discovered the first. The illustration of the second displayed an image of a woman, possibly Plath, holding a red ‘bell jar’ and peering from behind it. I read The Bell Jar in a state of […]

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