Songs of My Soul

It’s done! My long-awaited anthology is printed and it just remains to get the digital version uploaded and you can grab yourself a copy!  Don’t worry if you’re not big into poetry, this is something a bit different – it’s written like a story, under the headings: Discovery, Holy Fire and Resurrection – more or […]

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Return to your Roots 2017

Khembe Clarke is an extraordinary woman, mother and entrepreneur. I attended her 4th Return to your Roots event yesterday in Birmingham which was a vibrant and positive celebration of today’s black women. Return to your Roots is multi-faceted concept which chimes with the current resurrection of an entire generation of women of African and Caribbean […]

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An Afternoon with Jacqueline Wilson

Well, by an afternoon with Jacqueline Wilson it wasn’t just me and her, but nearly five hundred girl fans and their mums (mainly) crammed into Kingston’s Rose Theatre. Viv Groskop was understated as literary event host, the two seats opposite, that me and my son had our eye on, were soon occupied so we shuffled down on our silver and brown fluffy […]

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, daughters of mothers, friends of mothers, mothers of mothers…it’s a day to celebrate your achievements and tenacity. For all of your patience, solitude and endless love. I’ve written a small poem in honour of all of you. Please feel free to share 🙂 A mother is like a painter or […]

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What is crabbing?

Do you know what crabbing is? The boy in the photo is a Cancerian; a ‘water’ sign, if you follow astrology, the sign of the crab. And this boy crab, was buy the sea catching real crabs in a net! We spent the day near water, with a water boy. If you haven’t been crabbing before and you […]

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Girl Guides: Never out of fashion

Girl Guides can delight in their new uniform – in highly fashionable ‘block’ colours of red and blue with the emphasis on comfort. I looked at the Girl Guides website and saw lots of images of girls in fields in wellies, hard hats and broad smiles.   It’s a great advertisement for carefree and confident […]

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Cook out – Morrison’s Style

Conversation Between Friends LOVES writing about food and we will consider including Morrison as one of the weekly shop destinations. They are competitive on the everyday groceries and branded items; we loved their fresh juices (raspberry and lemon was my fave). The fresh minced beef burgers were a real hit, we will buy that mince […]

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Joining forces as a #MorrisonsMum

I’ve done it! I’ve joined the throngs of #BritMums bloggers and it’s been a treat so far – literally! My first official assignment has been to take part in a social media campaign for Morrisons, as they embark on a pricing campaign. My brief was to spend £80.00 in store on produce to prepare a tasty […]

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