An Afternoon with Jacqueline Wilson

Well, by an afternoon with Jacqueline Wilson it wasn’t just me and her, but nearly five hundred girl fans and their mums (mainly) crammed into Kingston’s Rose Theatre. Viv Groskop was understated as literary event host, the two seats opposite, that me and my son had our eye on, were soon occupied so we shuffled down on our silver and brown fluffy […]

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A new (ad) venture! EverywordCopywriting

  It’s here, it’s here!! EverywordCopywriting is alive and ready to sprinkle moon dust into darkest crevices of your marketing campaigns. After deep analysis of my personal brand and USP, re-reads and re-writes, we pressed the ‘go live’ button. Please welcome my new addition – feel free to peruse this sunny orange/ grey ‘word cloud’ I’ve spent the past few months […]

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Thinking of quitting your day job?

This interview appeared in Stylist Magazine, Online Edition, November 2014 Recently I responded to a journalist request and this was the result… Downgrading your job –  Career women who traded high salary careers jobs to set up their own business or become self-employed What was the job title of your original job? Media Relations Manager What’s the job […]

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What type of freelancer are you?

You’re having a conversation with friends about your job, and you mention you’re a freelancer. The assumption is you work for yourself, right? Wrong. There are many variables in this key section of the workforce. In order to define what sort of freelancer you are, you need to be clear about how you wish to work. To complicate things […]

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Finance Tips for Freelancers

If you’re a freelance marketer, writer, in fact if you ‘sell’ your talent or skill in return for a fee, this article is for you. In most of my conversations between friends about freelancing, we hit upon the same issues with regards to charging and negotiation. So, I have curated a together a couple of practical guides that will help you when […]

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