Business cards & Ice cream codes

There’s quite a lot of code below and I’m not 100% sure how to make this look pretty so I thought I would embellish this post with pretty words and vintage wallpaper!

If you click on the link below, you will see my business card design, ordered and on its way to me in time for some hard-core networking. I will be attending Richmond EXPO, the big deal for South West London business owners, and as the summer rolls on, sweeping my way through various breakfast meetings, dinner clubs, and other events and conferences.

Go on, have a little click!

I’m sure you’d rather look at vintage wallpaper than a line of code!

Setting up a business, is like creating a never ending painting. The design and creative elements – coming up with a name, brand design, key messages etc. can be exciting and intellectually challenging. There is a learning curve to climb, even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur. No two businesses are the same to set up. Changing environmental factors can impact your business in unforeseen ways, new opportunities need to be seized even if you are not 100% ready operationally.

But whilst you are wallowing in the enjoyable mud of new ideas and creativity, there are essentials you need to take care of: Website hosting. Business stationery. Accounts and taxation. Business cards. NEVER, underestimate the power of that small but powerfully effective marketing tool.

Given out with a smile, a handshake and plenty of hope, business cards are a business marketing tool that endures.

If you see me at an event with one, please take one graciously, and give me a call.

Suzy Rigg

I give you words like I give you gold


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