Goals, dreams & creating change

I made this video a couple of years ago, a lot has changed in my life since I recorded myself (and I don’t just mean my hair style!). One of the main challenges about making personal goals to create change in your life is to stick to them. Life coaches and psychologists seem to confer that vocalizing your thoughts is a good way to get them clear in your head. Once they’re clear in your head – you’re half way onto making them a reality. (Well, perhaps a quarter way, there are other elements you need to address too, but let’s focus on the vocalisation of your goals). How completely crazy of to post a ‘selfie’ video of myself – barefaced, except for lipstick, basically talking out loud! I’m sharing this now because I’ve lost that sense of vanity that can hold you back. I’m now in that ‘fearless’ stage where I’m comfortable in my skin and excited about the creative direction that my life is currently going in.

I’ve set up a copywriting business, which has enabled me to work on diverse commissions such as content for a high-end consumer children’s wear website to event marketing strategies. A non-fiction book I have been nursing since 2011 is at the peer review stage, I’m working with creative individuals in areas like fashion and design (read my post about BwoyWonder and his amazing Lego creations!) and I’m planning an holistic event with talented complementary therapists. Reading this back, I’m sort of stunned at the extent to which my verbalized and loosely coherent thoughts have come to fruition!

What’s interesting watching this back, is that a lot of the ideas from my free-form piece to camera, have become a reality in my life. I think there is a lot to be said for ‘speaking’ your truth it’s all part of the process of affirming exactly what it is you want which enables you to move forward with conviction.

New age theorists believe that the law of attraction works that way and so does prayer, and magic for that matter. In a way, I’ve always been a copywriter, even when I’ve been doing other things, as I instinctively understand the power of words to create change.

Suzy Rigg

I give you words like I give you gold



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