A new (ad) venture! EverywordCopywriting


Everyword Copywriting  - open for business
Everyword Copywriting – open for business

It’s here, it’s here!! EverywordCopywriting is alive and ready to sprinkle moon dust into darkest crevices of your marketing campaigns. After deep analysis of my personal brand and USP, re-reads and re-writes, we pressed the ‘go live’ button. Please welcome my new addition – http://www.everywordcopywriting.co.uk feel free to peruse this sunny orange/ grey ‘word cloud’ I’ve spent the past few months creating.

You will see a snapshot of my professional endeavours, window-dressed to showcase what I offer potential clients and associates. Everyword CopywritingA devotee of the written word, an avid reader and a marketing communications professional for my entire career, I deciding to specialise in copywriting. For me it’s one of the most satisfying and intellectually challenging aspects of the marketing mix. The relationship between the written word and design fascinates me. Gazing at nature, architecture, visiting London’s art galleries and museums; I soak up inspiration for whatever project I’m working on. To drip some of my enthusiasm into a campaign’s creative platforms, is both a responsibility and an honour. On top of the packet of Frosties in my kitchen are the words: “It all begins with sunshine & grains”  in a neat 1940’s font, next to a child-like golden yellow sun icon. Simplicity and brilliance. It’s what I strive for.

Here’s to you if like me, you are following your dreams, honing your talents and doing what makes you happy. by Suzy Rigg http://www.everywordcopywriting.co.uk @EveryWordWriter

A big ‘thank you’ to http://www.helenbantock.co.uk/ for immense patience and professionalism.


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