International Women’s Day, more than a gimmick

Being an entrepreneur is not just about financial or career freedom for me…it’s about me being a woman in the fullest sense. I’m also a mother and sometimes the incompatibility between corporate work and motherhood can place a high strain on women and their families. For me setting up as a freelancer was the riskier than employed security, but overall a more rewarding direction for me.

Conversation Between Friends

It’s not for every woman, but for me entrepreneurship and emancipation are partners. The level of personal investment is in direct proportion to the level of personal gain and satisfaction. I think about women who do not have the freedoms that I enjoy, and I feel inspired to continue to work hard, not taking anything for granted.

I think of the women, the ancients or ancestors who have gone before me and endured lives of terrible separation or loss. Separated from families, raped and abused in response to the slightest acts of defiance. Contemporary women, who are confined and enslaved for other reasons. There are women whose voices have brought pleasure to many, whilst their inner turmoil eventually led them to destroy themselves with drink or drugs.

Conversation Between Friends

I think of women who have become emotionally unstable in the face of great difficulties.

I think of every woman on the planet today and know that we are all on a spiritual journey; at various stages, with great challenges and prizes strewn in our paths. Wherever you are on your journey, hold out your hand and feel the love and support of a woman who is just a few steps ahead of you, whilst doing so stretch your own hand behind you and another will fall into it, a woman who is a few steps behind you. Help her along. This way, we all progress. Men and Women.

“To be a woman is to feel safety, freedom & powerfully feminine, joyful, emotion-ful, strong, maternal, loving!”


Suzy Rigg


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