Need a little Lego magic? Tune into Lyrics 4 Lyrics!

Welcome to the Interview Paul Allimadi, Creative Director/Designer at Lyrics 4 Lyrics!
Your Twitter handle is @bwoywonder, that sounds a bit like a cartoon or comic book hero! Are you into graphic novels?

*Laughs* Not really no, I took it from Batman side kick Robin The Boywonder. He does everything, a lot like myself.

Your profile pic on Twitter features a futuristic piece of LEGO headgear; (pictured below) what is it and how did you go about making it?

Bwoy Wonder - The names says it all!
Bwoy Wonder poses with his eye-grabbing mask – The names says it all!

The lego mask in my profile pic is inspired by Transformers. It started off as just Lego visors, but I just kept building on top of it until it covered the whole head!

Have you ever broken a really crazy LEGO design that you’d spent hours on?

Yes! It was a baseball cap for a corporate client and the lego brim gave way which led to the bottom section breaking off. I was frustrated to say the least!

Conversation Between Friends loves Mask Girl
Conversation Between Friends loves Mask Girl

Who are your design heroes?

Philip Stark and Nigo.
Contrasting designers but I like almost all of their work.

Have you seen the LEGO exhibition? What do you think of it?

I was invited to the preview opening and loved every single room of lego art!
Everyone should go see the Art Of The Brick exhibition and I guarantee it’ll make you want to stop by the Lego shop and start creating!

You sell LEGO inspired clothing on your website Lyrics4Lyrics, how did you make the leap from creating things with LEGO to putting LEGO designs on clothing?

I always ran a clothing line and so it was inevitable that my lego creation was going to be integrated into our clothing.
It’s all very practical garment pieces. Apart from the Lego shoulder pad jacket we made for Will.I.Am of course!

Wil.I. Am sporting Lyrics 4 Lyrics Lego design
Wil.I.Am sporting Lyrics 4 Lyrics Lego design

LEGO is going to be around forever, what is your favourite Lego design or LEGO genre?

Lego recently got voted the world’s most popular toy so the legacy it has will carry on well into the future. My favourite Lego design is anything they do with Star Wars. It’s so intricate!

Who is your favourite LEGO SuperHero?

Batman! Has to be Batman.

I spotted your Twitter photo in the Metro, promoting ‘Creative Pioneers’ can you tell me a bit more about this project?

It’s an apprenticeship scheme that aims to recruit young under graduates into the creative industry. Be it digital media, marketing or other. I won their Creative Heads competition which was to design a range of creative ‘heads’ using any medium for their advertising campaign.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I want to integrate Lego into the education sector. It’s a brilliant learning tool for wannabe engineers mathematicians and even autistic children.

Do you see yourself building a clothing empire or is there something else that you would like to turn your attention to?

I want to do everything and anything creatively possible. Why do you think they call me Bwoywonder? 🙂

If you want to find out more about Lyrics 4 Lyrics clothing, check out for more show-stopping Lego designs!
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