Winter sunshine greetings

Behind each window or door
Behind each window or door

Photograph “Behind each window or door” used with kind permission of Jake Rigg

It’s that Christmas end of season, late winter time of year when we get together, eat a lot and if we are lucky, we enjoy the good and bad times of being in the company of those we love!

I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has followed or commented on this blog.Thank you for taking the time to read the posts; I know some of them are more interesting to you than others!

As I post this, I’m at home with many home comforts and I feel incredibly grateful for that. There have been a few sad losses this year and these people will be eternally remembered. There have also been some huge gains, and life is like that, we always need to be willing to open our doors to new people, new experiences, new loves, new lives. Consider the families in each of the houses in this picture, they may all lead different lives with different experiences but what do they have in common? Well they are blessed to have a home of course, some may acknowledge this, others may not see the gifts that are in front of them. But for all of them, the magical sleigh flies over their houses, if they believe. Behind the windows and doors these families are more alike than they are different.

Jake Rigg plays Silent Night, a carol with a melody that is known universally although sung in different tongues.

As you read this, I wish you and yours peace, tranquillity at this year’s end. For this, I think, is the best gift we can experience in our lives.


Suzy Rigg






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