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Behind the shy smile and the calm demeanour is a razor sharp mind trained with the determination to help others. I’ve recently come across the name of Fahma Mohamed through reading a newspaper article about her incredible campaigning achievements, garnering support to raise awareness of the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation). The article in the ” i ” was a news piece about her award for “Outstanding Young Campaigner of the Year


Radiantlady admires young activists
Radiantlady admires young activists

You may have an alternative view about FGM and other indigenous practices and customs, but this article is not about the cause, it is about the passion and fire that drives the human spirit. Both her and Malala are young, female and could fall into the ‘oppressed’ category in society but they have chosen, in spite of or perhaps because of, their relatively young years to use their gifts of freedom of speech, eloquence and compassion to improve the lives and prospects for their sisterhood.

They are working, without particular privilege or access, to affect change for others and create a different vision of the future.  There is so much written about womens’ rights and freedoms, and what inspires me most reading about Fahma is her vision and direct application, striding out for what she believes in and not necessarily waiting for others to catch up. It reminds me of the sort of personality you see in visionaries or entrepreneurs – an unwavering sense of self-belief in doing what is right according to their personal principles. I don’t wish to write a political piece but as many of the great political philosophers have written, to live in a civilized society, the personal is always political.

I do believe it’s important to follow your passion, especially if it can in time, work for the greater good. On a micro level, you can start with your own family and friends, sharing your positive hopes and ideals, in a quiet calm way.

You can follow Fahma on Twitter @FahmaEndFGM  and you can find out more about Integrate Bristol here

Or in the words of another famous activist: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

© Suzy Rigg

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