Conversation about Flowers

“Can women buy each other flowers?” “Cut flowers, aren’t they expensive?” “If a guy buys a woman flowers, he’s usually guilty of something!” “They’re a waste of money, you’re better off buying a plant.” People are usually a cut flowers type of person, or they aren’t.  Personally I love to see fresh flowers in a church or at an event as they add considerable atmosphere, they’re a while industry around this, so there must be some merit in the power of flowers. In my opinion, they bring an energy or vibrancy to a room and they can make you smile, on the greyest day.


I received this beautiful bunch of sunflowers on a rainy grey day after a couple of metaphorical grey days. They were given to me by a friend and a work colleague in recognition that I’ve been doing quite a lot of important mum stuff, supporting my son with his exams (in spite of my fear and loathing maths!) and was basically saying ‘well done’! It was a lovely gesture and meant so much on a rainy old grey day, the sort of day that cries out for an injection of sunshine.

I will remember that gesture and what it taught me: a small amount of thought about others, alongside a small gesture of support or gratitude, for whatever reason, can make a BIG difference to someone else. Especially when they’re not expecting it. Now I’m passing that sunshine onto you – it’s yours to pass on to the next…

© Suzy Rigg

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