Conversation about Happiness


There are great some quotes in here, which I why I’ve shared this presentation! And to add my own few words of insight on the matter…a poem:


I do believe that life is an ‘opt in’ sort of game

The law of karma like a quadratic equation means you get back what put in

Your bank manager likes happiness too as we all know a smile costs nothing!

And frowning not only begets a bad mood

but causes wrinkles,

which cost LOTS of money to fix

And thinking of others before yourself

is not putting yourself last or putting others on a pedestal,

it’s using life’s best free gift – intuition – to help you navigate the mysteries of other people…

thinking about others takes the spotlight off your own troubles,

and trouble likes company and she’s off, in a HUFF

if you don’t pay her any attention…

thinking of others, using freebie intuition,

helps you become a wiser judge of character

saving you potential heartache,

steering you towards the sunshine state of serenity.

Happiness is a choice

ask anyone who dies with a smile on their face:

there is nothing you can do

so why not relax and enjoy the show?


© Suzy Rigg

Writing every word



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