Milknosugarcommunications Ltd


Yes, this really is me – filmed about five years ago, by bestbitsmedia when I set up my first freelance business, milknosugarcommunications ltd. Actually they were setting up their business at the same time.

It was a great to have a professional exterior for my business which was comprised of me, my contacts, some highly skilled recruitment agents, a laptop, and buckets of chutzpah. I also needed to be set up as a Limited Company to fulfil some UK Government contracts that I was working on.

But back to the video. I really can’t watch it, it’s nothing to do with the production, it’s just that awkward thing about watching and listening to yourself. But as it’s swilling around the internet, I thought I should claim this film for my blog, as it’s part of me and my entrepreneurial, marketing, copywriting journey.

The reason for doing this video was to gain some interview experience and sell myself and my ‘business’. As a previous corporate PR, I realised it’s harder being on the other side of the camera than it looks! I’ve done countless spokesperson briefings, identifying supporting messages and prompts about how to answer difficult questions and here I was in the ‘hot seat’ trying to remember all of things I had told my clients many times!

Chantal was an excellent interviewer and it was a great experience. In fact I would recommend making a short film to all small business owners for the following reasons:


1. It’s great practice being able to define your business under pressure, (ie when someone is pointing a camera at you)

2. Being able to handle yourself and answer difficult or complex questions is a skill that will serve you well

3. Remaining calm under pressure is an essential skill for all business owners

4. Watching yourself on film can be excruciating, but you will learn a lot about your communication style, your tone of voice and whether you are able to construct cogent responses to questions (may come in handy when in meetings with the bank manager or for a potentially big customer win)

5. Watching yourself on film can also be the cause of great hilarity; each of us has funny little mannerisms, nervous ticks which all seem exaggerated but it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself. The savviest business people understand the real power in laughter, in the most stressful situations.

So go on, get filming  – you’ll be amazed at yourself!

I’ve got lot of experience in this area so get in touch with me on LinkedIn if need any help or advice.

Lights, camera – ACTION!


© Suzy Rigg

Writing every word




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