Does gold make you happy?


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It’s got everything this story: Mystery, the arts, beaches and gold bars! See editorial in the local newspaper, Folkestone News.

It captured people’s imagination, provided great moving and still images – it’s a story that could run and run. In fact, it’s a perfect media story, well constructed and more or less guaranteed to get coverage across a range of print, online and broadcast media. Well done to everyone involved in this one!

Conversation about an Imaginary pot of gold
Conversation about an Imaginary pot of gold

For me the interesting thing about this story is that it is steeped in legend: man’s eternal search for elusive treasure and the happiness he thinks it will buy him. The feeling that if you could only find the Holy Grail. The searching for treasure and the hope that the search creates in you: it’s pure adrenalin, excitement the thrill of the chase but what if the search is fruitless and you find nothing? Do you devote your whole life looking for treasure, whilst ignoring the treasures on your doorstep?

Keep searching, keeping hoping, it is what makes us human, but don’t forget to look inside your heart and your mind for the treasures of the spirit and being that no-one can steal!

Suzy Rigg

© Writing every word


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