National Grandparents’ Day – Wilfred Walker, my grandfather, my hero

It’s National Grandparents Day and I was reminded of a Conversation with my granddad that I filmed when I went to visit him. I look back and I’m so glad I filmed my granddad and captured his sharp mind, even in his declining years.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend you grab a smart phone and film your grandparent, with your children, your grandchildren, your nieces, however and wherever you capture them doesn’t matter but make sure you do it. I’m so glad I have a piece of footage for posterity. His 100th birthday was a big local celebration and I felt so honoured to be part of his family. When he was in his eighties, we travelled together to a family wedding in Canada. To say he was a hit on the dance floor goes nowhere near describing what a livewire and how much fun he was!

He lived for the majority of his adult life in a flat near Little Venice and I recall going to a couple of NottingHill Carnivals with him and he loved to dance and enjoy himself. I felt super cool being out with an elder who was resplendent with whistles and brightly coloured shirts. I also remember the time he introduced me to Kir Royale at a wine bar in Brixton; it’s still one of my favourite cocktails. He absolutely loved living in London and enjoyed the sparkle on the city to its fullness.

I learned good life lessons from my granddad too..

1. Whatever you are doing in life, be the best you can be

2. Dress appropriately for the occasion, everything should be pristine

3. Communicate clearly without ambiguity

And if, in spite of your best efforts to be polite, erudite, punctual and kind – a person still behaves or treats you badly, do not hesitate to tell them to f*ck off!

Aaah, how I miss him!

Enjoy and appreciate your grandparents, they are a link to your past as well as your future.

Suzy Rigg

© Writing every word


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