Conversation about Yoga


I’m rarely on Facebook (or Face Ache) as an old friend used to call it. Twitter is a more natural fit for me. But when I logged on to see yet more notifications, knowing they would be mostly trivia about friends of friends lives, I stumbled across this stunningly beautiful video of a girl on a beach doing yoga.

There are so many videos online, that we are in danger of becoming visually overloaded. That’s actually the point of yoga: de-cluttering your body and your mind. Ridding yourself of the constant overload and stimulus of modern life: food, stress, racing-thoughts and just allowing yourself to BE. Each movement carefully designed to exercise your body and your mind in perfect universal harmony.

I hope this video makes you feel as calm and uplifted as it did me.


Enjoy and BE at Peace.


© Suzy Rigg

Writing every word.



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