Girl Guides: Never out of fashion

Girl Guides can delight in their new uniform – in highly fashionable ‘block’ colours of red and blue with the emphasis on comfort.

I looked at the Girl Guides website and saw lots of images of girls in fields in wellies, hard hats and broad smiles.


Conversation about Girl Guiding: we love your new uniform
Conversation about Girl Guiding: we love your new uniform

It’s a great advertisement for carefree and confident young women, women who will develop into highly competent doctors, scientists, mothers and entrepreneurs. Recent reports indicate that the pay gap between men and women has increased, there is still fierce competition to attain board room or even senior management status in companies up and down the land.

This is why I support the guiding movement, as I see it fills a widening equality gap in society. Women, I believe, need the full gamut of skills in their repertoire to even attempt to successfully manage all that will be demanded of them as young and not-so-young adults.

Guiding also pitches other women as friends, colleagues or associates and not ‘the enemy’. A great psychological starting point and a healthy one to take into the wider world.

The new uniform was also a success story for fashion students at the University of Bournemouth


Guides, shine your guiding lights as you go out into the world and have fun whilst you do so!


© Suzy Rigg

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