Loom Bands craze, a parent’s badge of honour

Loopy Loomband

Suzy’s Loom: Adorning the end of my arm is an eye-catching traditional fishtail loomband, in topical, tropical summer coral hues.

In this next photo, Jake is modelling a hand-made rainbow selection whilst he entertains his chums on the guitar:

Radiantlady loves guitarists
Radiantlady loves guitarists

We bumped into a mother of a girl aged about nine and we had a conversation about loom bands and the fact that at work, nearly everyone round the meeting room table had on a loom band. Perhaps they should be called ‘love bands’ as wearing them demonstrates a real act of love for your child when you are at work; a bold statement to the world that you are a parent and YES! you will wear rubber band jewellery if it’s made by the fair hand of your offspring.

I smiled inwardly. How far things have come since I was a young single working mum, too afraid to tell her employers that I had a little girl. What a curious charm these bands are, uniting working parents in such a subtle way. The best thing about this craze is that it’s market driven, the kids love ’em so they make them and wear them and so do you. It’s a far stronger message than any political campaign could dream of aspiring to.

Educationally they are great too, as they demand good hand eye-co-ordination, good manual dexterity, the ability to follow instructions and contain the in-build motivation of a cool band at the end of it.

Try a few yourself, it’s a great way to relax with your children and stay cool this summer.


Suzy Rigg



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