Fashion for less

If you are looking for fashion for less, look no further than you local charity shop – I call it ‘Charity Shop Chic’, which is essentially dressing like a royalty on a servant’s budget. What’s not to like?

For charity shop devotees like myself, there is a certain joy in tracking down a bargain for yourself, your child or your other half and knowing you are contributing in a positive way to improve the lives of others in the process.

Niamh (snapped in Teddington) certainly had ‘the look’, looks like she’s been to Fara too!


Charity Shop Chic
Conversation Between Friends loves Charity shops!



But what’s in the box?


© Suzy Rigg


2 thoughts on “Fashion for less

  1. We have goodwill stores here and they always have the BEST goods for cheap. Gotta love the idea of contributing back to the community at the same time:)

    1. thank you for your comment – I guess you are from the US, that’s where I’ve heard the term ‘goodwill’ stores. Over in the UK, the trend is now to evolve the best charity donations into highly fashionable looks, Happy shopping!

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