Charity Shop Chic

A long time ago, I did a fashion ident for Sky TV called ‘Charity Shop Chic’  (I will upload this as soon as) where I demonstrated how you could pull together glamourous Hollywood looks on a budget. It was a total blast going on location to my local shopping area with a film crew and although I didn’t get paid for the project, (telly’s like that sometimes) I did get to keep all of the lovely garments that I selected on my travels.

The local charity shop managers, including Oxfam and Fara were thrilled with the publicity and I really enjoyed talking on camera about the innovate and creative ways to wear these pre-loved clothes. Charity shops are not always stocked with ‘vintage’ clothes, in fact the trend now is to sell clothes that are only a season or two out of fashion, rather than genuinely covetable ‘vintage’ items that will raise a lot of money for the charity. Nevertheless, part of the thrill of shopping this way is you never know what you will find. You can still nab some totally beautiful things for a fraction of the price, both clothing and home items, that are stunningly beautiful. That’s why I continue to shop in charity shops; I’m a regular donator too. It’s good to give, as you occasionally get a lovely surprise in return….

Conversation Between Friends loves charity shops
Conversation Between Friends loves charity shops

I’m really pleased with my latest purchase, (above) a block black picture frame with two hard wood mini photo frames that swivel, so you can show four photos at the same time. I’ve had a lovely nostalgic time finding just the right family photos for this frame. Who knew you could have so much fun for £6.00?

Conversation Between Friends loves old photos
Conversation Between Friends loves old photos!

P.S. Did you spot the gothic looking chairs too? I picked those up from another local charity shop, I enjoy browsing in called The Old Flowershop, as they raise money for The Greenwood Centre which supports socially isolated people from the local community.

Happy charity shop shopping!


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