Networking for Wallflowers

This post was recently published in Nu People Magazine – bring your authentic self into your networking!

Conversation Between Friends

This article was also published in Nu People Magazine, May 2014

I’m not a natural networker

I find the collective energy of so many entrepreneurial and business-types all in one room quite draining.  Badly done, professional networking can be a ragtag of people all out for the same thing: meet people  > sell things. Before networking aficionados defend the cause, I do confer that the genre has improved considerably.

What makes me click the ‘attend’ button:

  1. Better venues (innovation and creativity have crept in here). I have observed some excellent event planning going on, especially of the experiential type.
  2. Smarter integration of technology through innovation: more dynamic engagement, often using conferencing type gadgets can make the event experience both more exciting and feel more personal.
  3. Clear reasons to attend, apart from ‘meeting new people’ learning a new skill or nosing around an otherwise difficult to access venue can be good motivating factors.

Conversation Between Friends likes Networking

  • Work situations…

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