Joining forces as a #MorrisonsMum

I’ve done it! I’ve joined the throngs of #BritMums bloggers and it’s been a treat so far – literally!

My first official assignment has been to take part in a social media campaign for Morrisons, as they embark on a pricing campaign.

My brief was to spend £80.00 in store on produce to prepare a tasty and affordable Bank Holiday family meal. What’s not to like? To be honest (and I was on the questionnaire, I put Tesco as my number one shop and Sainsbury’s as my top-up shopping destination, with occasional outings to Waitrose when I’m feeling indulgent. But Morrisons is a new one for me, so I was keen to try it to see if me and my family would like the food.

So, after deciding on the menu choice (BBQ) I set off for my local shop (Teddington) with a shopping list

This is what we came home with:

Mum's been to Morrisons!
Mum’s been to Morrisons!

All of the above came to a grand total of £55.21, which comprised of the sausages (Cumberland and Lincolnshire), cheese slices, in-store baked brown rolls, fish (cod loin), two packets of lean minced beef (I will make my own burgers), sparkling juices, apple juice, raspberry drink, breadsticks, two large packets of crisps and one small Walkers, a bottle of Highland Spring still water, a bottle of rose (Castillo de Diablo) two beers and a small bottle of Bacardi for the mojihos!

Conversation Between Friends loves a bargain
Conversation Between Friends loves a bargain

There were still a few items left on the list to complete the shop and ensure all of the budget was allocated to the meal plan, but we needed to go to a bigger store for the rest of the items.


Conversation Between Friends is proud to be a Morrisons Mum
Conversation Between Friends is proud to be a Morrisons Mum

It was wonderful browsing for a Bank Holiday BBQ meal and I’m really grateful to BritMums and Morrisons for this opportunity. However with all these things, the proof of the pudding will of course be in the eating. And I would like to thank the staff at Morrisons who were really patient while I price checked, asked questions and took photos!

Menu update later and of course BBQ photos to follow…

Happy May Day everyone 🙂


Suzy Rigg



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