Farringdon Fancy

Regular travelers of London Underground will appreciate that tube travel can often be a bizarre experience. Locked into intimate embraces with total strangers before you are released on to a travelator – a moving platform – only to be pummelled by people moving at great speed in the opposite direction.

The need for privacy in a big city like London is strong, but you will rarely find it in the Underground network. A hot, enclosed space with noisy people, some eating giant cornish pasties or Burger Kings, listening to music, making very important ‘phone calls and generally taking up your personal space.

Yet, some inspired person has taken this close proximity and turned it into a positive by creating a tubecrush, where  the focus is wholly on the positive aspect of commuting. Gazing at attractive strangers! It’s a compelling idea: someone catches your eye for that 60 second – ten minutes (if you are stuck in a tunnel) of wonderment, you ‘pap’ them, move on. Post to site – presto you’ve just tube crushed someone!

Quite an entertaining and interactive way to make your tube journey move along.


© Suzy Rigg


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