Dear Mum

Dear Mum – Conversation Between Friends loves letters from little ones!

Dear Mum

I have tidyed my enomously

messy room and I cleaned

the hallway

your sinsirley

Jake + the Asops fables storie was good

bye for now

turn over

I have colored it yellow for a reson that reason is becuase I know your

favirote color is yellow

as well as mine (scratched out)

Out of the mouth of babes.  There is more than a hint of Poor Bear about this letter and I just love it.  Letters from children are so pure.  I found some from my daughter recently written when she was about ten, she’s a teenager now. They are quite hilarious.  Letter writing is an important part of communication and self-expression.  I love writing and receiving letters and even in this digital age, they have lost none of their charm.

Texting and tweeting: handle both with care!

Texting, in contrast ~ with its brevity and immediacy not dissimilar to tweeting ~ can easily be misunderstood and badly received ~ it’s partly the nature of the medium. Letters and to an extent emails, allow for more explanation, more accurate delivery of your thoughts and messages and ultimately more successful communication.

Forgiveness letters

Writing a letter to a loved one who has passed on, or a lover or ex-partner is a known technique used by some therapists, which encourages you to write your thoughts and feelings, in detail, perhaps saying things you didn’t say in person. The established process is that the letter is not sent but the act of writing it helps you to ‘process’ your thoughts or feelings and ultimately move on.

Who would you like to write to today? Remember, you don’t need to post it ~ what freedom!

Suzy Rigg


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