Olympic Sex

Look away now if you are of a fragile disposition! ok, it’s just us adults left eh? Before you get too hot under the collar or anywhere else, this post is not about athletic feats of bedroom prowess or indeed how Olympians may enjoy themselves when they are not attempting to smash world records. This is a post about blogging. Or SEO  techniques to be precise.

I’m not a fan of navel gazing, although show me a blogger who isn’t slightly obsessed with their stats and page views and I’ll introduce you to a cowboy who isn’t keen on horses. It’s ALWAYS about data!

You can insert your own caption to accompany the photo of this Olympian weightlifter!

I noticed that one of my most popular recent posts is about Twitter trolls and faeries.  On closer inspection both the words ‘trolls’ and ‘faeries’ came up as search terms. Use both together as the title of a post and ker-boom! Record views. Well, very healthy indeed.

So you see, I was just having a bit of fun with the title Olympic Sex. Pasting two words together that independently come high up in the ‘engines’, would result in even higher views if they are used together, right?

I’m no expert but there is a lot a blogger can learn about SEO, copywriting and marketing through experimentation and observation. Much more fun than reading someone else’s book I say.

Larissa Franca & Juliana Silva. Brazilian beach beauties.


Suzy Rigg


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