Reflections on Life & Death

Looking closely at death ~ is the same as looking closely at life ~ there is infinite learning and wisdom in these divine cycles.

You might be worried about death, your own mortality, the sheer unexpectedness of this inevitable rite of passage that we will all experience. My personal view is that there is great comfort in knowing that it’s a shared human experience.


You may believe that we were all created by the same force: a supra natural spirit or God energy that created the Universe and human beings as part of that creative orchestration. Or you may not.

Questions of life and death make you question the meaning of life, the Universe and everything.

What is irrefutable is that creation is a powerful duality of making and unmaking. The exquisite canvas destroyed by fire, pottery cracked by weather or age. Symphonies unfinished. There is beauty is all creation, at whatever age or stage you experience it.

© Suzy Rigg


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