Loving yourself

Yes, I said it. That new-age, zen-sounding Whitney-esque phrase about self-love is out there, on my blog.

But this is where I will surprise you. I’m going to talk about flowers. If I had endless cash, and it didn’t harm the environment in any way, I would always have fresh flowers in the house.  With this in mind, I have been known to grab bunches of supermarket flowers – a bit past their peak – but still captivating, and plonk them in my basket. Where does it say I need to wait for a man to buy flowers for me?

So this little bunch of peachy beauties is just one such bunch, flung in the basket along with the plain Kettle chips and organic semi-skimmed.

Conversation Between Friends loves roses.

They make me happy, they have colour, vibrancy, energy, beauty and they make me smile. All feel good things, without an eye-watering price tag. The very essence of simple self love.

You don’t need a ‘reason’ to buy flowers; the happiness they bring the recipient (even if it’s you!) is reason enough.

© Suzy Rigg


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