Hurrah for Healthy Snacks

I don’t know how it happened, overnight I think, but I gained a few pounds. I’m not one to obsess, well not for long anyway. When I’d finished running up and downs the stairs a few times, I researched some healthy snacks which would be ideal for a grazer, like myself. If I need to regulate my blood sugar by eating small, digestible amounts of food on a regular basis, they should at least foods that are going to nourish, rather than toxify me. Sounds dramatic? I know, I am that girl.

Satisfying, sweet and good for you!

Here are a few easy things to buy for grazers who want to stay on the right side of ‘cow’: And remember it’s not about calorie counting here, it’s healthy foods that satisfy.

1. Walnuts

2. Fruit smoothies (I prefer to the dairy ones)

3. Dates (quite filling, they are used to break fasts)

4. Apple sliced or diced (small chunks are more appealing to the snacker than the whole thing, don’t ask me why. Apples contain pectin, a natural source of dietary fibre).

5. Sultanas (Bigger and juicier than raisins)

6. Licorice (Sweet with a range of health benefits)

7. Home-made flapjacks with maple syrup (oats are low GI, so satisfying)

8. Oat cakes (plain or with raisins)

9. Sliced red or orange peppers (satisfyingly crunchy, you can munch the yellow or green varieties but I have always been a sucker for bright colours)

And to wash these beauties down, sip on room temperature still water with a slice of lemon or lime, green tea (full of antioxidants that zap free radicals) or chamomile (calming) or peppermint (aids digestion) tea.

Happy and healthy snacking, I’m off to Zumba!

© Suzy Rigg


3 thoughts on “Hurrah for Healthy Snacks

  1. As disparaging as it is, “the right side of cow” pretty much says it all. Thanks for the giggle:)

    Do you know Amma too? (you liked a post about Her)

    1. Hello my dear, and thank you for your comment. I was having a play with the word graze, wasn’t intended to offend 🙂
      Yes, I do know Amma, we met a long time ago. Blessings

      1. Oh, I could tell that no offense was meant — & none taken! the wording, & its rhythm makes it very funny:)

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