Read a book, pass it on

If,  like me you are a writer, you probably also love to read and collect books. Little gateways into other worlds, the escapism of reading a good book is hard to beat but what do you do when you’ve read it? I usually remember where I purchased a book and what was going on in my life whilst I was reading it, so it immediately assumes sentimental importance. But how often do we go back and re-read books?

Sometimes it’s good to have a classic and know you can dip into or refer to again when you need to. Then there’s  re-discovery of the book through reading it to your children or grandchildren.  Travel books are a different genre as they can be used each time you go to a specific destination. Again, how often do you get to go to the exact same place you visited before? Exactly.

So when a friend of mine lent me a book and suggested that I pass it on when I had finished I was intrigued but it also rang very true. Take the enjoyment, lessons and then let it go! No need to let it gather dust on your shelf. There is an ocean of other books still begging to be read. Hard back ‘coffee table’ books are something else and some, like Madonna’s ‘Sex’  become collectors’ items. But there are millions of enjoyable your paperbacks, self-help books, cookery books, parenting books on shelves, in cupboards that need to be read by someone else.

Read it, pass it on. And don’t worry, the best bits will stay with you!

© Suzy Rigg

Image: Rita Konig Shelves


2 thoughts on “Read a book, pass it on

  1. I like loaning out my books, but I want them back, eventually, so that I can loan them out again. I donate books I’m not particularly fond of, so my collection never gets too out-of-control, but I think the books I keep reflect something about myself. I want people to peruse my library and get and idea of who I am. And though I don’t go back and reread whole books often, I will go back and reread first chapters, for inspiration when I’m writing my own stuff, or short description passages; they’re better than trying to read stuffy, how-to-write-better manuals! For this reason, if I never get a copy back of certain books–maybe about 15 books I can think of off the top of my head–I’m eventually going to have to go out and replace it so I have a copy on hand.

    1. Hey, good to hear you and see you still recycling books so others get to read. It’s a funny thing, books can arouse so many emotions and you’re right, some of them are good to get back.

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