Eat nuts for silky hair!

You are what you eat, you know

How do you get glossy hair. You eat it, that’s what. We know what we should eat for shiny hair and skin care but how use products to provide the gloss? We all know we need to drink lots of water and eat as many fresh, raw and unprocessed foods as possible during the day, but when we feel tired, hungover, depressed, angry or whatever your emotional food trigger is, off we go through the door marked ‘bad food and drink’ muttering to ourselves that we only live once!


Go crazy for nuts: Conversation Between Friends
Go crazy for nuts: Conversation Between Friends

It’s true, all things in moderation  – but if your focus is to improve the condition of your hair and skin without  relying on make up and products, here’s a reminder of what needs to be in your daily diet.

Minerals, baby.

This may sound a bit like a chemistry lesson but the reason we need to consume extra minerals is because many of us are depleted and don’t even know it. Our processed food chain is so far away from the earth (where most minerals can be found) that we are losing those precious trace elements that can keep us looking good and in optimum health.

Selenium is a trace element used by the body in small but vital quantities. A deficiency of this mineral can lead to heart conditions and cancer, as well as to poor hair growth.  A bit of science: Selenium is contributes to the synthesis, or pulling together, of protein molecules in the body. Selenium is found in the soil, especially in parts of North America, but intensive farming methods and fertilizers in other parts of the world often prevent the natural absorption of trace minerals in the soil.

Organic food, grown in less contaminated soil is likely to contain more of this mineral. Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium, along with brown rice and walnuts.

Long shiny locks: this  beauty ideal always in fashion

Learn more:

Zinc famously present in oysters, is also known to have properties that encourage hair growth and good hair condition, as well as the ‘B’ vitamin family. Diets rich in ‘B’ vitamins will include yeast, wheat germ, whole grains, liver, pumpkin seeds, shrimps, brown rice.

Vitamin E is also said to be good for hair growth and even possibly reversing or preventing greyness! due to it’s action as a repair and re-generator. This vitamin is found plentifully in eggs, yeast, spinach, eggs, soya beans and of course can be taken as a food supplement.

There is a mountain of information online providing tips and suggested foods and natural treatments to improve hair. Whatever you decide to do, eat well, smile a lot and stay happy –

In my opinion a beautiful smile lights up the sky even if you don’t have a single drop of hair on your head 🙂

© Suzy Rigg


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