Beautiful Bloggers

My dear friend Kate Winthrop – AKA Winnie  blogg-ess extraordaire over at THEstyleBITE has come up with a wonderfully creative idea that really confronts the issue of female body dysmorphia. Huh? Say what?! You know, when you think you look sh*t, when actually you look like a babe and need your eyes testing.

As women, we are confronted daily with unrealistic and sometime plain offensive images of womanhood, many of which are impossible to attain or achieve because they are, well, FAKE! Digital image enhancement is just one of the methods use to trick women into believing that a new cream, lotion or exfoliator will give them perfect, younger, bouncier, firmer, skin, lips, eyes, buttocks – when all we all know deep down: some days you look gorgeous and glowing and others you look shit. No cream known to man can change this. Beauty is only skin deep anyway and I’ve seen very beautiful women – and men, who would not get past the entry buzzer of your average model agency. It’s everything to do with how you feel inside.

Beautiful Bloggers, a lovely idea

So, here’s what happens:
1. Lady-bloggers post images of themselves on THEstyleBITE blog and email in their insecurities with their pic

2. The photo (minus insecurities) gets forwarded to someone else in the project who gives constructive and positive feedback

3. THEstyleBITE editor Ms. Winthrop has full editorial control over the blog so that all comments have to be approved by her before any of the photo reviews are posted

4. This weeds out the potential for any ‘horribles’ – (we don’t like any of that here either at ‘Conversation Between Friends’)

So, those are the rules, so get involved! Simples.  A great idea, which serves as a powerful reminder to all women who are often so painfully self-critical, that others see a very different picture to the one we often see in the mirror.

So stop obsessing about your fine lines, muffin top or curvy hips, check out her site and tell someone they look fabulous today.  It will make her day 🙂

Visit THEstyleBITE for more info

Well done doll, keep up the good work!

© Suzy Rigg


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