The Secret to 2012

Do ancient African and American civilizations hold the key?

This is the hypothesis put forward by Daniel Pinchbeck in his book ‘2012’, which I read in 2010, giving myself plenty of time to prepare for world annihilation. Of course those in the know,  ranging from spiritual gurus to academics and anthropologists like ‘Will Black’ (on Twitter providing sharp and intelligent tweets as @willblackwriter ), know that apocalypse means to uncover or reveal: a revelation. This may remind you of the Bible’s Book of Revelation, the final chapter of the new testament, which certainly contains some apocalyptic messages but what I take from both Pinchbeck and Black’s books is that 2012 is about the change of an old world order.  An allegorical ‘death’ of the society that we have created that in many ways goes against the divine laws of nature.

Daniel Pinchbeck: an interesting view on 2012

Pinchbeck’s theme is that while the ‘apocalypse of 2012’ is upon us, ancient peoples have already learned the live in harmony with nature and planetary change that many in Western and developed cultures are finding more difficult to cope with.

If you are looking for definitive answers about what the world of 2012 will look like, you won’t find them in Pinchbeck’s book, although there are some clear hints. It takes a while to get into the rhythm of the narrative, but once you let Pinchbeck do the storytelling, you are in for a magical mystery tour of crop circles, UFOs, Hopi rituals, ‘Burning Man’ the Holy Grail, sacred geometry and a separation of Mayan myth from Mayan misunderstanding.

He also chronicles his experiences of psychotropic substances like DMT and ibogo and ayahuasca, detailing his entres into the spirit world through the substances which are said to act as a ‘doorway’ into the spirit world.  Pinchbeck tells an impressively researched story through his own personal apocalypse or ‘uncovering’ as he experiences a number of personally dramatic episodes in his life.

To a purest, this may be distracting, but in my opinion his personal odyssey adds to, rather than distracts from the surreal subject of the ‘end of the world’.

The book is densely packed and possibly worth reading a couple of times, and if ancient civilizations and spiritual investigation is your thing, there are plenty of pointers on which you could hook further investigation.

Personally the concept of a global spiritual ‘shift’ to a new level of consciousness is an idea I am perfectly comfortable with. The book refers to the dramatic and difficult social and economic unrest that we have been experienced globally already for the last couple of years. It’s a fascinating subject and one worthy of serious discussion and consideration as we all have a collective responsibility for the planet we currently inhabit.

© Suzy Rigg


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