Close shave in the kitchen

We had a bit of a kitchen fire a couple of days ago. The oil in the small frying pan I was using overheated and when I lifted it, a bit spilled out onto the naked gas flame and BOOM!

I was talking to my son who was in the kitchen at the time and he ran out screaming. I quickly removed the flaming pan from the cooker and dunked it into the sink and caught water on it. Within seconds a major drama was averted. It took a bit longer for my heart rate to return to normal.

Not my actual kitchen!

I’m not an expert but felt compelled to write this post really just to say that if something like this happens try to stay calm and act quickly. There are loads of websites that do proper justice to this important and dangerous theme.

As well as the usual things like fire alarms installed and regularly tested, it’s also worth having the ‘what to do if’ with the younger or dependent members of your household conversation, ie an escape plan.

Here’s one that is very well written:

Take care out there!



© Suzy Rigg


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