Help! I’ve gone viral..

Well, I’d like to, as you simply aren’t anybody until your simple, little video gets mega views.

Are you an avid YouTuber? Filming anything and everything and posting it to see how many views you get?

As far as social marketing goes, it’s the final frontier in communication, it’s got everything we crave: colour, sound, immediacy and moving images. Boom! The sheer unpredictability of viral films is what makes them so captivating.  Humour and sickness go a long way.. well we are human after all. But what about those that upset the big guns? Like ‘ Newport State of Mind?’ A brilliant pastiche of Jay-Z and Alicia’s Key’s ‘New York State of Mind.’  It was taken as a joke and seen of as funny by loads of viewers (about 2.5 million) until Jay-Z’s lawyers at EMI heard about it and the video was removed.

‘Corporations see the wild, unpredictable nature of the web as a threat’ says writer Richard Godwin. Are they really a treat? Or is it really  opportunity in disguise? The real threats are acts of violence or injustice that are filmed that fly around the world in seconds. Or serious cases of malpractice by corporations that are filmed and expose companies. The power of sharing information that would otherwise have gone unseen.

I love the cat video that sounds like she’s cussing off her man for sleeping around, it makes me cry with laughter, there are quite a few versions.

What are your favourite virals?

Happy viewing/filming 😉

© Suzy Rigg


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