HMV sale, what did you get?

I’m not mad keen on trailing around, rifling through racks of misshapen and unloved clothes only to convince myself I’m getting a bargain.  A high-ticket item that you’ve been considering for a while which has been slashed to less than half price is more likely to tickle my spending glands, but in general the scrum of shopping malls in the twilight zone between Christmas and New Year? Forget it.

I did happen to find myself in an HMV store in twilight zone just gone, and hovered for ages in the jazz, new world,  Latin and classical sections, deciding what would give me most listening pleasure. I spotted CDs by Sergio Mendes and Ibrahim Ferrer. I decided to buy both after spending way too long trying to make up my mind.

Reading the blurb for Ibrahim Ferrer was quite moving:

The last album by the great Cuban vocalist and Buena Vista Social Club star, Ibrahim Ferrer. The project he dreamed of realising all his life – an album devoted to the most meltingly romantic of all Cuban styles – the bolero.

A lilting lullaby, a musical legacy.

Making music and getting projects completed later in life is truly inspiring,  I love the idea that he and other members of the Buena Vista Social Club didn’t let their age dim their resolve or passion for making music. A lesson for all of us in a somewhat youth obsessed society.

Here’s Ibrahim with the other members of the Buena Vista Social Club:

I love the way they are all sitting down to start with and then stand up; the music is so exciting 🙂

‘I want to keep making music, I want to keep working’ he croons – hurrah to that spirit Ibrahim, you did it! Can’t wait to visit Cuba..

Suzy Rigg


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