Loving your job, loving your life!



The video I have posted below is real inspiration if you feel that your job is like a two-way street: you give and your employer takes! As the world faces some serious economic imbalances, 2012 is knocking on the window and people have taken to protesting  – think UK public sector strike as well as the global Occupy movement – and a clear picture of dissatisfaction with the way the world is organised emerges.

Dirty money?

The old saying ‘money is the root of all evil’ sounds rather dramatic but the evidence is clear that global capital wealth and prosperity is disproportionately allocated, but this does not prevent the established thinking that in the corporate environment, money is the key motivator for productivity and performance. This video refers to Federal Reserve Funded economic research that resulted in the shocking discovery that people are less productive the more they earn! The real motivators are being self-governing, having a sense of purpose and feeling that you are making a difference. Wow!

Motivating work, changing the world

It points to employees using their skills and expertise to voluntarily support and innovate in arenas outside of their paid employment.

The germ of the idea here is a potent one: using the unseen investments of education, technological sophistication and social and other communication to create lasting change in the world. It has to be this way as we see young talented people unable to get jobs in one half of the planet and juvenile and uneducated young people working for nothing or prostituting themselves on the other half of the planet, in order to survive.

A new approach is urgently needed and now is the most exciting time for anyone who wants to participate in changing the ‘way it works’.

My goal is to work more with fair trade organisations and develop some ideas I have around primary education.

If you are an entrepreneur you will read this post with a very different perspective, especially the sole traders amongst you, but if you are an entrepreneur with a small team of staff, this may be the start of a whole new era of growth, productivity and creativity in the widest sense.

Be the change you want to see. Now! Go Go Go!

© Suzy Rigg


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