Urban Nails

Urban Nails – A Riot of Colour

Flicking through a magazine, I saw a model in a mock fight with her boyfriend – nothing unusual there, but what did stand out – apart from her gleaming teeth and glossy hair – was the pop of colour on each fingernail. Yep, different colours on each finger. Pretty funky it looked too!

Rainbow fingers

Regular readers will know that my last post was about nail colour as therapy, when I noticed on a recent hospital visit, that a lot of the senior (geriatric) patients, had beautifully manicured and polished nails.

So, continuing the theme, I ‘spotted’ a girl at a bus stop today and noticed her rainbow effect fingers immediately. A pretty girl, dressed mostly in black with nude leggings and long dark hair, I had walked past her before I decided to do the decent thing and ask to take a photo of her nails.

Bored makes FASHION

I asked her why the multi-coloured look and she replied, “Well, I get bored of one colour, bored of things, really quickly, so I paint them all different shades”. So there you have it, straight from the mouth of an urban teen. Being bored is so fashion.

What I liked most of all, was this young woman’s confidence and self expression – go girl!

Thank you Meddy for your inspiration 🙂

© Suzy Rigg


3 thoughts on “Urban Nails

  1. Hi Suzy – love your observations about the new trend in multi-coloured nails and agree with your last post on colour therapy. I too experiment with the colours of my nails – nail varnish is a bit like the body painting equivalent of crayons/felt tips – you wouldn’t only use one crayon in your colouring book now would you?!


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