Nail Colour: Therapy

Nail Colour Therapy

Hospital visits, work, not enough socialising, it was time to inject some colour into my life: I painted my nails – ‘Tutti Frutti’.

It’s a sheeny coral colour by Jessica and on this dark, perpetually rainy June day, just looking at my peach pointers makes me smile.

Nail colour: therapy in a bottle: this one’s called ‘Happy Hour!’

I was visiting someone in hospital recently and watched a member of her family paint her toe nails a rich pink berry colour. The effect was transformational. A touch of glamour in an environment that can easily drag you into despair. I also noticed other sick and elderly patients with red glossy finger tips.

Colour Therapy. Nail art. Healing with colour, which ever way you approach it, it starts to make sense why the nail industry –  pedicures, manicures, gel nails, acrylics, chiropody, nail art and polishes in every colour under the sun – is a multi-million pound business, with all of the fashion houses producing ranges of amazing colours.

Nail bars are now a common sight on the UK high street.

Tutti Frutti, Venus is her Name, Green Goddess? Nail polish (loving the Jessica nail range) has a colour to suit every mood.

Ker- Ching! $$$

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© Suzy Rigg


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