Conversation Between Friends: Truth Serum

Conversation Between Friends knows that sometimes life throws you some crazy curve balls. They can be the making of you, depending on how you catch them.

Sharing, openness and trust: it’s a cycle.

If a big one is on the horizon, there is no rule that says you need to catch it on your own. In fact smart cookies like to gather a few pals around them and come up with a strategy for catching and coping with whatever is heading their way.

Think ‘hens’ and ‘stags’ ahead of a wedding. Coaching through a major life change. Ante-natal classes in preparation for the big scream of childbirth. Grouping or calling in experts is a natural thing to do. But what about calling on one person? Your friend? Your best friend?

That type of involvement requires trust and openness on your part. Trust because to gain any benefit from the exchange, you need to be able to speak truthfully without the fear that your friend will roll on the floor laughing, tell you you’re being selfish, a jerk, or worse still, tell other people you are being stupid!

The openness required is about being honest. With yourself. There is no point sharing your predicament with your friend if you are not willing to listen to their advice or counsel. You may not like what you hear, but a good friend will usually be lovingly honest. Or brutally honest!

Do you remember the scene in the first ‘Meet the Fockers’ where Robert de Niro administers the truth serum? It’s a bit like that. You might be shocked, indignant or embarrassed by what your friend says, but you asked for some help remember.

Take a deep breath and listen. That’s what friends are for. Telling you the things about yourself that may sound like they’ve had too much truth serum, but that’s because they are your friend and they do care.

You reserve the right to ignore their opinion and do your own thing, but sometimes, sharing is enough to help you move on in your head towards some sort of decision. Good Luck.

© Suzy Rigg


2 thoughts on “Conversation Between Friends: Truth Serum

    1. Fantastic. It’s good to be able to share my life lessons… and feel free to ask the students to feedback on other posts on the site they may find interesting 😉 Suzy

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