Passi Italiano


Italian Steps

As she clambered up the stairs, heels clattering, skirt hitched up, she laughed noisily out loud. It wasn’t the alcohol that made her feel like that, it was the sense of freedom.

After four troublesome years, her body responded to this long overdue holiday by loosening up, like the releasing of a top button after a particularly heavy meal.

Shoulders relaxed with happiness, she reached the top step swung her hips around and dropped down onto the worn step. The coolness of the stone against her warm thighs gave her a shock and grinning at no one in particular, she scanned the lush scenery around her.

It was ten in the morning, she was tipsy, hungry, sleep deprived and carefree: it felt good to be alive.

© Suzy Rigg

Photo courtesy of WritingInk


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