The ‘Skinny’ tee

In other words: ‘I would rather die than be fat’

Nothing tastes as good…As skinny feels.

Well according to the Skinny tee anyway.

Well, Kate Moss supposedly said this and she’s friends with Phillip Green, Top Shop boss, so there must be a marketing opportunity in there somewhere, right? Yes, of course, let’s put it on Tee-shirts. What, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?” “Yes!”  “Gen-ius!” “We print it in different font sizes, coloured tee-shirts, oh, we only need to make them in small sizes don’t we? Ha ha!” So here they are. Here’s the link, just to proof I’m not making this up  Me? I think the full on St. Trinian’s look is preferable. Is sugar your poison?’ Honestly.  © Suzy Rigg N.B. I don’t think this ‘gift’ supplier has anything to do with Kate Moss etc. they simply saw a marketing opportunity and grabbed it.Point to note: they wouldn’t be producing these tee-shirts without some indication that they would sell…  You might like this post:


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