About Conversation Between Friends

Welcome to “Conversation Between Friends”  and Suzy and I’ve set up this blog for two reasons:

1. Creative a safe space to discuss issues that are important to me and hopefully stimulate debate whilst doing so

2. Showcase to employers, potential colleagues, companies and fellow creatives my unique personal brand

I’m a communications copywriter,  PR and marketing professional and mother of two.  I’ve always loved to read, write and talk.

My career

I chose career where I could  learn, exchange ideas, debate, influence and create. With my early career spent in the publishing and advertising industries, I later migrated towards the broader communications mix. I have enjoyed advising blue-chip  companies, charities, government agencies and not-for-profits on internal and external communications issues, helping them find the stories to build their brands and gain customers’ understanding. With extensive campaign, strategy, planning and media relations experience, I genuinely love what I do.

Conversationalist & occasional TV presenter

If I’m fired up about something I believe in it, I want to tell the world, which I’m told, makes me an engaging presenter. I’m happy to share my business and life lessons with anyone who’ll listen! I write daily and have appeared on Channel 4 TV & Sky as interviewee and presenter talking about my other passion which is fashion. I have written articles for fashion blogs, creative industries, social media, blogs to promote small businesses and much more.

Get in touch

If you need to talk to someone about your blog, your business, your new pitches, your web copy or your marketing communications strategy, press releases, support your team with fast and accurate strategic thinking and copy please fill in the form and allow me to generate ideas or words to empower, influence & persuade.


Suzy Rigg


Writing every word



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